VSAT (KA/KU Band on I-Direct x3 evolution series

VSAT (KA/KU Band on I-Direct x3 evolution series

The Evolution® X3 Satellite Router is an integrated satellite modem and IP router supporting a wide range of carrier IP data rates, FEC codes and modulation types. With DVB-S2 and Adaptive Coding  

And Modulation (ACM) on the outbound and deterministic TDMA on the return, the X3 maximizes the efficiency of satellite capacity to enable new opportunities for star topology networking  

      Star topology   

      DVB-S2/ACM outbound for greater efficiency and enhanced network availability   

      Optional AES 256-bit encryption   

      Ethernet interface   

      Low cost of entry   

      Deterministic MF-TDMA return channel   


      Automatic end-to-end Uplink Power Control for reduced downtime