About Us

About Us

Western ICT’s passion toward building innovative

Network infrastructure facilities in Afghanistan,

Is driven from its core principle to create

Opportunities for the local youth in order to enhance the human resource technical capacity within the country that can make direct positive impact toward the country’s economy Western ICT has proven itself as a service provider with Premium level and 24/7 free online and on call tech support in the country. Western ICT offers various methodologies for providing the Integrated Internet data, voice and video network solutions, designed to meet the CUSTOMER versified and futuristic requirements of the local & International organizations, military services, Telco’s and Businesses     

Western ICT will be an independent, private investment Communication Company owned 100% by Afghan investors. With its head office located in Kabul, Afghanistan, Western ICT is holding a valid business license from Ministry of Commercial & Industries, License number (D-83564).  


Western ICT will be one of the most leading ICT Solution with the latest technology, cost effective from Europe and USA.  Western ICT Ltd has highly qualified management team, and well trained experienced hand on exercise technicians, and we are the second women owned Telecommunications Company over the country .


A team of expert engineers, an unparalleled success rate with our valuable customers and our capability to execute projects exceeding expectations collectively make us a best IT Hardware & Software development partner of the world. And achieve 100% customer Satisfaction by delivering quality products and Services



Western ICT believes the Internet is in the beginning of its evolution. However, all networks connected to the public Internet needs to be attached through firewalls. All information, regardless of the industry or size of the company, must be protected and addressed in a security

Internet is changing the way we live our lives, our mission is to continue to support and develop the most empowering tool of our lifetime.  Western ICT Ltd provides Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) that allow companies to connect remote offices, and communicate with vendors and customers using the Internet.